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Headquartered in the UAE and serving the Middle East and Africa, Zeder Business Advisory is specialized in increasing profitability, enabling businesses to mature and thrive in all stages of their growth. Zeder Business Advisory works closely with organizations of different sizes and industries to assess limitations and develop effective strategies and tactics to grow their markets, gain Leadership as a structured and solid business while improving profitability

Vision: A prosperous Middle East and Africa where individuals, businesses, and governments are flourishing in economic stability

Mission: Strengthen economic stability in the Middle East and Africa by enabling Small and medium size businesses’ growth and increasing stable employment

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Aya Abou Zaher | Senior Consultant

Aya Abou Zaher

Senior Consultant
Head of Zeder Research

Hassan Sidawi

Partner & Head of Operations
Zeder HR

Sabine Abou Zeid Client Relations Consultant

Sabine Abou Zeid

Client Relations Consultant
Head of Client & Business Development

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